Per Ewert is director at the Clapham Institute, Sweden's leading Christian think tank. He is writing his PhD on the history of secularization.

About Sherlock - The Case of the Empty Tomb

Throughout, this story is a fresh and exciting read. It is definitely not just some often-heard, dusty tale adapted from an ancient Sunday School lesson (...) It deserves to be read, enjoyed, and recommended widely.
Gary Habermas; Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Philosophy and Theology, Liberty University. From the book's Forweord

Per Ewert's Sherlock delights the reader as we discover the intelligent basis for our greatest hope. Could it be true that death does not have the final say? That we're offered life and joy, both now and forever? This is the book I will most freely give to friends, and to myself.
Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of the Veritas Forum, author of Finding God beyond Harvard: The quest for Veritas

Suspenseful and entertaining, Ewert's Sherlock leads readers on a trail to discover what really happened to Jesus. Did he actually rise from the dead? What is the evidence, and is it conclusive? Whether you agree with Sherlock's conclusion or not, you will enjoy the story!
Michael R. Licona, Associate Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University

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